Blockheads 002

Two coconut trees

The coconut is a fruit that can be found on coconut trees near the equator. You can also get the coconut by meditation. The coconut tree is easily distinguashible as it is very tall and quite unique from the other trees in Blockheads.The tree resembles a palm tree. When harvested, it usually produces 1-4 coconuts, and can be planted in the ground like all other plants .

Growing TimeEdit

The time it takes for a coconut tree to start growing coconuts after being planted is around 2½ Blockhead days. When it's only just started growing, it will produce 1 coconut, but after time, the tree will grow really tall producing a maximum of 4 coconuts per tree. Eventually, they will die and stop producing coconuts.


When you have 0 hunger, it will take 7-9 coconuts to fully heal your hunger bar. It is the same when healing from 0 health.