These are the items that Items you can eat. They will restore health and hunger.

Seeing as these are snapshots from an Ipod Touch, these were the largest I could make them. If someone with an Ipad or something gets better picture, feel free to repace the ones here.

From various trees are-
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Apples trees. :D


  • These trees have grayish wood.



  • These trees have orange-brown wood.

The oranges grow back after you pick them.

  • These trees have pink and green leaves. After the fruit has fallen, it turns a pretty shade of pink!

From the ground
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Cherry trees!


Red Peppers

Sunflower Seeds

From Animals

Dodo Meat - Roast it on your campfire. Yum.

  • Dodo Eggs - I've only found two of these, but they are not obained by killing the Dodo.

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