A blockhead with some clothing.

Blockheads are interactive characters in The Blockheads. When first creating a world, only one Blockhead will be able to be warped in, with his/her name customizable and appearance able to be randomized.

Warping InEdit

Blockheads aren't created the way normal humans are. Instead of born as babies, they are generated in adult form and warped in.

To warp in a Blockhead, tap on the Portal and select the option to warp in another Blockhead or warp in the first. The first is always free, but the 2nd will cost 50 time crystals, and the 3rd will cost 100, along with varying amounts of a random food item.Up to 5 Blockheads may be warped in.

Extra BlockheadsEdit

Warping in additional Blockheads may be somewhat costly but well worth it. Having 2 Blockheads is better than 1, and 3 better than 2. You can have one Blockhead mining, another exploring, and another gathering food and managing items. Things get done faster with more Blockheads.


  • The food items needed to warp in additional Blockheads will also be the food items they have when warped in.
  • Blockheads' arms and legs are unusually thin without clothing. Their legs and arms also lack knees and elbows, respectively.
  • A Blockhead must be cared for: It will lose happiness if hungry, tired, or light is insufficient. To view a Blockhead's status, tap its icon.
  • Blockheads do all crafting and mining tasks by banging with their arms.
  • Blockheads can now die. Before when the blockheads health was reduced to none, they would become excruciatingly slow at movement and crafting.
  • Blockheads can climb walls without ladders.